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Explore our new Blue Opal Jewellery collection

Each piece in this range is a testament to the beauty and allure of blue opal, a gemstone renowned for its vibrant play of colours and captivating patterns. The vibrant hues of blue and green within the opals create a…
Chandra Larsson
December 6, 2023
Silver Jewellery Cavern Hummingbird Jewellery

Silver Hummingbird Jewellery

Welcome to Silver Jewellery Cavern, the friendliest jewellery wholesaler in the UK. Our mesmerising collection of silver hummingbird jewellery is ideal for retailers seeking to provide their customers with meaningful and affordable wholesale silver jewellery. Our Hummingbird Jewellery Collection captures…
Chandra Larsson
April 19, 2024
Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale Silver Chains

Stylish Sterling Silver Chain Collection

In the world of jewellery, a sterling silver chain is the backbone of style, the foundation upon which many looks are built. At Silver Jewellery Cavern, we understand the pivotal role that a high-quality necklace chain plays in both fashion…
Chandra Larsson
April 10, 2024
Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale Dragonfly Jewellery Collection

Spiritual Silver Dragonfly Jewellery

In the realm of myth and magic, the dragonfly has always been a creature of intrigue and beauty. Discover our Dragonfly Jewellery Collection, where nature meets magical silver. Each piece is designed to resonate with those who carry a love…
Chandra Larsson
April 3, 2024
Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale Easter Jewellery

Celebrate Easter with Silver Jewellery

As we approach Easter, a time rich in tradition and renewal, we invite retailers to explore our exquisite range of wholesale silver jewellery that embody the essence of the season. Easter's date varies each year, determined by the lunar calendar…
Chandra Larsson
April 1, 2024
SJC Silver Witch Jewellery Collection

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Silver Witch Jewellery

Spring equinox 2024 is here, bringing that special time when day and night are equally long, Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale (SJC) is thrilled to show off our stunning range of Silver Witch Jewellery. It's all about celebrating the magic of…
Chandra Larsson
March 26, 2024
Dreamcatcher Necklace SJC Dreamcatcher Jewellery Collection

Embrace Mystique With Our Dreamcatcher Jewellery Collection

Dive into the world of ancient lore and spiritual protection with Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale Dreamcatcher Jewellery Collection. This exquisite range, featuring sterling silver dreamcatcher earrings, dreamcatcher necklaces, and dreamcatcher bracelets, embodies the mystical essence of the dreamcatcher's origins and…
Chandra Larsson
March 13, 2024
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