Pretty Twisted Band Ring

Pretty Twisted Band Ring

Pretty Twisted Band Ring

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Dainty Pretty Twisted Band Ring

This is a really Pretty Twisted Band Ring.  It can be worn as a Stacking Ring but also looks amazing on its own.  Stacking Rings are designed to be worn in collections stacked together or on their own.  These Stacking Rings can also be used as a Midi Ring (worn at top of fingers which is very on trend at the moment)  Stacking Rings are very Popular so Great Sellers! They come in sizes: Small (Size 6 / L/M)  Medium (Size 7 / N/O) Large (Size 8 / P/Q) & X Large (Size 9 / R/S) BEST SELLER!




Dainty Pretty Twisted Band Ring

Pretty Twisted Band Ring.  This Pretty Twisted Band Ring looks Great on its own or with other rings.  They come in sizes: Small (Size 6 / L/M)  Medium (Size 7 / N/O) Large (Size 8 / P/Q) & X Large (Size 9 / R/S) BEST SELLER!

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